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Improving quality

of healthcare

in rural Zambia

What We Do


Improve access to, and quality of healthcare at rural healthcare facilities

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Strengthen community health programmes in Zambia

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Influence policy and practice

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Where We Work


Healthcare in rural Zambia

On Call Africa have identified Southern Province as our target region for implementation in Zambia due to the complex challenges faced in accessing even basic healthcare. Working with the Ministry of Health, we identify rural healthcare facilities and surrounding communities that would benefit from our support, and work with communities and the Ministry of Health to co-produce solutions to locally identified needs. We use learning from our work in these demanding contexts to influence national policies and practices in hard-to-reach rural settings.

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About Us

On Call Africa was set up by a group of doctors and international development experts, all with a shared desire to improve access to healthcare and health outcomes within rural communities. In particular looking to support communities with traditionally poor access to medical professionals and amenities – Zambia was selected due its low ratio of health workers to people.

We ensure all of our programmes improve access to healthcare in rural communities, in a way that builds capacity within the health system. Aiming to develop programmes that can be replicated by the Ministry of Health, or partner organisations, to maximise and sustain impact.

On Call Africa operates at each level of the health system, helping to shape policy and design quality programmes. While also piloting and testing programmes at rural health facility, and community level, to build evidence of what does and doesn’t work.

We work at a number of levels to ensure that we are taking a holistic approach to building capacity within the health system.