Our Team

We have a passionate team who all share the same vision; improving access to quality healthcare for people living in rural communities in Zambia.

In August 2019 we were able to invest in our first full time employee in the UK, our CEO, Ben Margetts. In 2020 he decided to move to Livingstone in Zambia for two years so he could have a more hands on approach with the charity and build local relationships as well as spend time with our volunteers.

Rapid growth in 2020 has allowed us to grow our team of passionate staff both in the UK and in Zambia, who work with our network of skilled volunteers to strengthen rural health systems. With a large and skilled team now in place in Zambia, Ben has moved back to the UK.

“It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to see our hopes realized through the efforts of Ben, UK and Zambian staff and the other trustees. I’ve learned the hard way in business that good ideas aren’t worth much without dedicated people and hard work”.

Sacha, Trustee