Adhikharhi Chimbi

What’s your role?

Head of Programmes – overseeing, coordinating and managing all of On Call Africa’s programmes and ensuring that our work aligns with the national, provincial and district health office priorities, while responding to the needs of each community that we partner with.

I feel excited about my new role!!! I get to work with an amazing team internally, build strong relationships with the Ministry of Health and our partners and ensure that we continue to play an active role engaging with the communities we work with.

What made you decide to work for On Call Africa?

One of the things I love the most is that we are taking the health systems to a new model, including the pilot project.  I am excited that I will be part of the team which will strengthen the systems in the rural community. I really recognise that in order to strengthen healthcare it is important to start with the systems and start from the community level.  With OCA you don’t have to force the impact, you can feel it every day.

What were you doing before you joined On Call Africa?

I was the Centre Manager for a USAID project on the ‘DREAMS Initiative’ which is a female focused intervention for adolescent women to promote independence in women, through providing a comprehensive, multi-sectoral package of core interventions to address key factors that make girls and young women particularly vulnerable to HIV. These include structural factors, such as gender-based violence, exclusion from economic opportunities, and a lack of access to secondary school.

Why should someone give up their time to volunteer for On Call Africa?

Because it can save a life! Also having people coming to the team who have a diverse way of thinking really help people grow.  Not just the community but the volunteers themselves. It’s a fun way to learn, grow and meet different people in one of the most beautiful cites also known as ‘the tourist city’

What’s your biggest challenge for the year ahead?

I have high expectations of myself, so sometimes I stress myself out about things before they are done! There is a lot on our agenda and so much we want to get done, but I have to be patient and make sure everything is done well and makes proper impact.

Tell me something about you that no one else knows…

I love water, but I can’t swim…!

Have you got any tips on Zambia for future volunteers?

Things here at OCA are fast pace, but it is okay to take it one day at a time and get to grips with everything! You will also be part of a fun team of people, so it is also really nice to plan your evenings, whether it is watching a movie on the projector or turning the music up and having a dance in the camp!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am on a mission to visit all the tourist hotspots in Livingstone! I am originally from Lusaka/Kitwe so I love being here!

Why should we support On Call Africa?

Our projects save lives and we know we are addressing a severe need in rural communities.

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