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BBC Radio 4 Appeal with Louise Minchin, 27th August 2023

Broadcaster, Louise Minchin makes the BBC Radio 4 Appeal for our vital work to help improve rural health clinics in Zambia. Ensuring that women can give birth in clean, safe and comfortable spaces, with the support of skilled health professionals.

Louise shares the story of Esther, who was keen to have a health worker with her during labour, so in the final weeks of her pregnancy, walked 21 miles to the Kanyanga clinic.  There, she had to stay in a mud hut with no running water, and no power.  Her bed consisted of an empty sack on the floor.

Thankfully, Esther safely delivered a healthy baby girl who is now two years old and is thriving. In those two years since her birth, Kanyanga clinic has been much improved, thanks to the work of On Call Africa.

The clinic is now powered by solar energy, so there’s lighting and better medical equipment, and a brick shelter has been built to replace a mud hut.  There are proper beds, and – because of new funding – it will soon have clean running water so women can drink and shower safely.

Louise Minchin comments in the appeal “Word has travelled that the clinic is a clean, safe and comfortable space and because of this, there’s been a big increase in the number of women choosing to give birth at the clinic”.

On Call Africa is improving other clinics like this one in rural Zambia.  It trains healthcare workers, upgrades buildings and puts in toilet facilities and running water.

A donation of £35 could pay for a bed so expectant mums can rest comfortably in the weeks leading up to their due date. A trustee of the charity will match-fund every donation you make, to the value of £20,000.

In the appeal Louise also shares her story “Due to a breech birth, I had to have an emergency c section when my first daughter was born and I am extremely grateful that quick and expert medical care meant we were both ok”.

Listen to Louise Minchin tell us why this appeal is so close to her heart and why she would love YOU to support this appeal