Daniel Namasumo

What’s your role?

Construction Manager

I lead on project planning for the design and construction of WASH infrastructure.

I oversee, monitor and quality-control all aspects of infrastructure construction ensuring designs and standards are adhered to.

I am responsible for building and maintaining productive partnerships with contractors and other stakeholders, I also participate in WASH review meetings.

What made you decide to work for On Call Africa?

I have visited many rural areas and I have seen how people are struggling to access safe clean water and other sanitation and hygiene services, with this background, I have always wanted to be part of a team that seeks to improve WASH and save lives. I feel providing good WASH, IPC and waste management facilities in Health Care Facilities is a good step, I wanted to be part of it.

What were you doing before you joined On Call Africa?

I worked with Innovation:Africa as a Water/Civil Engineer. I was the technical point person for water systems planning, design and optimization, I also supervised all civil works in our project sites.

I engaged communities to help them realize ownership of projects and facilitated sensitization and other activities key to ensuring sustainability of our projects.

Why should someone give up their time to volunteer for On Call Africa?

What we do here is helping communities who probably do not have the means to, lives could be saved, joining OCA brings to reality what is only a dream to others. You also get to experience an extra ordinary rural life working with these communities.

What’s your biggest challenge for the year ahead?

I feel we have so much that has to  be done to achieve our targets, but the covid 19 pandemic has somehow affected our schedule and I really hope it does not affect us further, nonetheless, I am so optimistic we will do a good job.

Tell me something about you that no one else knows…

I have been to every province in Zambia, but I have never been outside the country.

Have you got any tips on Zambia for future volunteers?

It is beautiful place to be! When you are not working, you will never run out of exciting places to visit including the mighty Victoria Falls, almost every province has something interesting to see.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love listening to music, especially local tunes. I also love visiting new places, so whenever I have some free time, I take the opportunity. I think it is basically long tours with good music.

Why should we support On Call Africa?

We are trying to make a difference in rural communities, you would be amazed to learn how many lives could be saved through your support. You may be putting smiles on people’s faces without even knowing it!

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