Mike Luhamba

What’s your role?

Logistics Officer. I make sure that our volunteer doctors and staff have good access to health facilities and communities, and ensure that they have everything they need. Part of what I do, is to support a good understanding between volunteers, health workers and community members.

What’s been your biggest achievement at On Call Africa so far?

Deploying a successful rural clinic. Taking doctors to and from clinics safely.

What made you decide to work for On Call Africa?

It makes me proud to know that I’m part of the team that’s improving the health of those in the community who can’t afford it.

Why should someone give up their time to volunteer for On Call Africa?

Zambia has few healthcare specialists. In rural areas they’re almost non-existent. Volunteering helps to save people who’ve been deprived of health care.

The volunteer placements and training you provide sound incredible – tell me more!

We deliver work in hard to reach areas where people have limited access to healthcare. The health facilities we support help to serve a lot of people, who cannot understand the types of diseases they’re suffering from. The training we provide, creates and trains our Community Health Workers. They can identify common illnesses, and their understanding helps the community, without the presence of doctors.

Tell me something about you that no one else knows…

I’m a musician, I play the guitar in a church band. I also used to be a chef in an Italian restaurant.

Have you got any ‘Zambia tips’ for future volunteers?

I am Zambian! Volunteers should visit the falls, it’s incredible.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I really love reading books, I have a lot of books at home. I especially like playing music as well.

Why should we support On Call Africa?

On Call Africa helps the less privileged people, and saves lives.

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