Our Strategy


On Call Africa are delighted to launch our 2022-2026 strategy, which outlines our ambitious plans to improve access to quality healthcare for rural communities.

Goal 1: Improve access to, and quality of, healthcare at rural healthcare facilities

To achieve this strategic goal we work with the Ministry of Health, health facilities and communities to develop and test innovative programmes to strengthen rural health systems. We support Ministry of Health to scale interventions that have a strong evidence base.

Goal 2: Strengthen community health programmes in Zambia

Working with the Ministry of Health we are looking to help strengthen community based volunteer programmes in Zambia by addressing fragmentation and promoting best practice. We will also support the strengthening of community structures that support service delivery and accountability, and we will strengthen Ministry of Health capacity to deliver and scale successful interventions.

Goal 3: Influence Policy and Practice at all levels of the Zambian Health System

On Call Africa is a learning organisation, and as such we collect robust evidence from all of the work that we deliver. We will share this learning openly, both good and bad, and advocate for adoption of high impact interventions.

Goal 4: Expand our reach

Over the next five years we are looking to expand our reach through expansion within Southern and Western Province in Zambia, and will use this as a platform for building and sharing evidence that can influence learning within Zambia, and globally for those working in similar contexts. We will also explore how we can best increase our impact through growth into new regions.

Developing our strategy

In our previous strategy we outlined our intention to learn, adapt and find ever better ways of strengthening rural health systems in Zambia. Over the last three years we have done just that, through greater engagement and consultation with the Ministry of Health, health workers, community-based volunteers, community members and international experts. Through this process we have gained a better understand the barriers to access to quality healthcare and worked to collaboratively develop our new strategy and co-produce and pilot possible solutions.

“I am delighted to launch this exciting strategy, which builds on 12 years of organisational learning, and gives us clear strategic direction for the next five years. Like many organisations we were significantly impacted by the global pandemic, which prevented us from continuing with our previous delivery model. I am really proud of how we adapted our approach through this period and used this as a platform for rapid expansion and strengthened relationships at all levels of the health system. I am excited for what we can achieve over the next five years.”

Ben Margetts, CEO