Simonga Rural Health Post


We have recently started working in Simonga village, at Simonga Rural Health Post.  Simonga is in Livingstone District and approximately 17km away from Livingstone town. Despite this, the health post is classified as rural and although has received some upgrades from donors throughout the years, the facility has remained below national standards.

It has always been our plan to work in Simonga, and in 2023, this plan came into action. Our intension is for Simonga Health Post to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’, meeting all of the national standards for Health Posts.


In Simonga, we are supporting the development and piloting of a holistic model rural health system, by supporting the implementation of their FQIP quality improvement roadmap which was developed after using our standardised assessment tool. The tool has been designed alongside the MoH to measure the functionality of rural health facilities, and identify gaps in provision and facilities. The intention is to create a centre of excellence that can be replicated in other settings. Work being carried out includes:

  • Maternity annex extension and improvement including a sluice room, delivery room and pre and post-natal wards.
  • Renovation of main clinic redesigning the floor plan for better efficiency
  • Construction of accessible toilet and shower block at the facility and nearby school
  • Construction of semi detached staff house to accommodate more staff at the health post to be able to bring it up to national standards and meet the needs of the catchment area
  • Installing accessibility ramps and walkways
  • Constructing a waste management area
  • Training and supervision of CBVs
  • Creation of a Youth Friendly Space and training of 20 youth leaders


Over the last four years, On Call Africa and co-operating partners have supported the Ministry of Health (MoH) to develop a community health service package, and a standardised Community-Based Volunteer programme for Zambia, that aims to address the fragmented Zambian community health system.

MoH have asked On Call Africa to pilot the training, supervision, support, equipping and incentivising of CBVs to help generate evidence for wider adoption and government investment.

Simonga is one of the facilities receiving this training for the CBVs and so far phase one of the training has been completed.