One of On Call Africa’s core values is collaboration. By working together with relevant partners with the right expertise and shared objectives, our impact on the communities we support can only increase.

Our goal is to build capacity within the health system, ensuring we partner with organisations who share the same ethos, and involve the health system in everything we do.

Below are just some of our key partners who help us to strengthen health systems in rural Zambia.

Delivery partners

Ministry of Health

We work at all levels of the health system, working towards national objectives whilst meeting locally identified needs.

At national level we work with the Community Health Unit to support the development of national standards for Community health worker programmes and the improvement of digital health systems. We’re responsive to national priorities and provide skilled volunteers who can help to develop national guidelines and protocols, or support small scale pilots to build evidence of where improvements on health care can be improved.

At a regional level we work with the Provincial Health office to understand the biggest health concerns. Together we develop programmes that meet these needs, in collaboration with the province and in response to emerging health challenges. We also work with the province to identify Districts that are most in need of support.

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At District level we support strategic planning, as well as the development of implementation plans for public health interventions and programmes. Also working to identify Rural Health Centres that would benefit from support from our skilled volunteers.

At a local level we partner with identified Rural Health Centres, and their hardest to reach health posts. Training health workers, identifying and addressing the biggest causes of poor health, and barriers to quality healthcare. We work intensely at this level of the health system to pilot programmes and share evidence for improved access to healthcare and health behaviours.

Power Roll

On Call Africa are working with Power Roll to test how new solar technology can be applied to enhance rural healthcare where there is no connection the grid. In 2022, Power Roll and On Call Africa worked together to install solar power at Chalimongela and Kanyanga Rural Health Posts, to enhance the quality of care offered by the facilities.

In 2024/2025 On Call Africa and Power Roll will work together with the Ministry of Health to design and test solar powered outreach kits that enhance the service delivery offered in rural communities. Epower carts will be designed to support and enhance regular outreach services and large district wide campaigns delivered by health facilities and the district health office.

WaterAid Zambia

On Call Africa worked in partnership with WaterAid and the Ministry of Health, to set the minimum standards for WASH in healthcare facilities in Zambia. Once completed, On Call Africa worked with WaterAid and Ministry of Health to implement these standards in 60 healthcare facilities in Southern and Western Province to help build the case for wider investment. We continue to consult with and share learning with WaterAid Zambia to promote best practice in the Zambian health system.


mdsustain support organisations to move towards greater sustainability, by supporting them to assess and address wider environmental impacts and engage stakeholders in the journey. In 2022 On Call Africa completed mdsustain’s sustainplus+ package to help us to develop our environmental policy and define clear and measurable plans for achieving Net Zero by 2050. This has helped us to transparently publish our carbon footprint within our latest annual report and offset unavoidable emissions.


Virtual Doctors

Virtual Doctors provide telemedicine support to Rural Health Centres in order to build capacity. Their ethos is very similar to On Call Africa, they work with skilled volunteers to build long term capacity in a way that can be adopted by government. We’ve an agreement in place where we encourage our volunteers to work across both organisations. Virtual Doctors benefit from volunteers who have hands on experience of the context in Zambia. On Call Africa benefit from volunteers who have had previous exposure to common health concerns in Zambia.

We are also exploring ways that we can work alongside one another within health facilities to maximise impact.

virtual doctors



D-tree use the power of technology to strengthen primary health systems, improve health outcomes for all and ensure healthcare is focused on the people it’s meant to serve. D-tree are working with On Call Africa and Ministry of Health to develop digital tools that will enhance the national Community Based Volunteer Programme that On Call Africa is supporting Ministry of Health to pilot. D-tree will design a system and app and equip trained CBVs with this digital technology to enhance service delivery, improve data flows and support CBV decision making and supervision.


Our work is only possible thanks to the generosity of our funders, and we are proud to have received funding from the following reputable funders, to name a few, over the last few years: