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A lady using a water pump
On Call Africa Community

In rural Southern and Western Zambia many people lack access to basic healthcare, and there is poor health literacy, and poor access to amenities and services that promote health in remote communities. By zooming in on the map below and using the search tools, you can view information about some of the facilities where we have delivered work in these regions.

“We keep seeing issues such as poor access to health care, health literacy, and poor access to the amenities that promote health. These issues can be devastating to rural communities, and to their ability to progress. Health care is a basic human right, and a necessity for development. On Call Africa is strengthening rural health care, bringing about long-term change”.

Ben Margetts, CEO, On Call Africa.

Rural Health Facilities in Zambia

In 2010 On Call Africa consulted with the Ministry of Health on the area with the highest need for our work. After being directed to Southern Province, we worked closely with the Provincial Health Office to identify Districts that were in most need of support. Working with those districts (Zimba and Kazungula) we identified three Rural Health Facilities in need of capacity building, and struggling to reach all communities within their catchment area. Using clinical data, and in consultation with Rural Health Facility staff and village leaders we identified three communities attached to each Rural Health Facility to focus our efforts and support.

On Call Africa continue to use the same consultative process when planning our expansion, which led to us delivering time limited work in new Districts in Western Province in 2022, and is driving expansion into new facilities within partner Districts in Southern Province going forward.